Momma and Me Notebook

Grab a notebook, decorate if desired. Write questions, thoughts, requests, notes, etc… slip under pillow back and forth between you and your child. Great for little ones comfortable with writing and reading. Even better for pre-teens that have embarrassing questions!

UPDATE: See comments: Teachers – use this for idea and call it a “Dialogue Journal”. Thanks Pillowsalamode


2 thoughts on “Momma and Me Notebook

  1. Good for you!!! I did this with my first graders for years (we called them Dialogue Journals so they could learn the meaning of the word “dialogue”) . . . they wrote to me first thing in the morning and then their journals magically appeared back on their desks with a reply in the morning. It’s an amazing way to not only get to really know someone but to help children develop their thinking and writing skills. I hope mommies everywhere try your idea! 🙂

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