10 Chores for Toddlers

::Get Dressed — They can also learn to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.

::Brush Teeth — with help from mom or dad to make sure they are thorough!

::Help Pick Up Room

::Water Plants — a watering can or small cup works great for this. Outdoor plants are best since toddlers tend to be a bit enthusiastic in their watering!

::Fold Washcloths

::Put Away Laundry — Silas has learned how to put away his pile of folded laundry in his drawers.

::Pick Up Toys & Put Into Tub — Cleaning up a huge mess is overwhelming for a toddler so it’s better to give them a simple task like putting all of the books back into the basket or the Duplos back into the tub.

::Dust — Give a toddler an sock to wear and let them dust all of the surfaces in a room.

::Wipe Down Sink/Toilet — Cleaning wipes work especially well for young children to use. Or, you can spray some nontoxic cleaner onto a rag and let them wipe down the sink, toilet, or floor in the bathroom.

::Empty Trashes — If you have small trashes in some rooms in your home, this is a perfect job for toddlers. via


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