The Easiest way to hang a picture

Thanks Celeste



9 thoughts on “The Easiest way to hang a picture

  1. this… this is brilliant. seriously one of those “why didn’t i think of that?” moments… thanks for posting this!!

  2. This really wasn’t explained very well. For step #2, it should say to remove the piece of tape from the back of the picture and place it on the wall. Then you can know where you need to drill into the wall.

    1. The idea is to have the perfect measurement between the holes… so.. i’d mark a level line on the wall. then use the tape to measure the distance between the holes. .. transfer tape to wall at the line and then you’ll know right where to put the holes.
      Hope this clears it up.

  3. Maybe better to cover even the holes with tape FIRST, poke holes in tape, THEN take tape to wall, and dill INTO the holes you already poked.

  4. A benefit of using the tape is that you can use a level to verify the position. If it isn’t right, tape can easily be repositioned. Added step will assure a perfect result every time.

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