Lit Crocheted Rug For Night

This is genius! Crochet around a rope light with clothesline or a similar sized rope. Will give a subtle but charming light. More info here


14 thoughts on “Lit Crocheted Rug For Night

    1. Actually, get a good strong plexiglass, build a wood frame around the light rug, then top it with the plexiglass. Just leave an opening in the wood for a cord to go through. Voila, you can walk on it… Could even make a stained glass effect by painting the plexiglass….

  1. Would love to make one of these rugs, but can you please tell me why you can’t find directions any where to make this adorable rug, I have given up looking. You put ideas out there but you are not willing to share the directions.

      1. There is no link. There are no instructions. There is only the picture and the idea. But it is a simple thing to do. One of the first things I learned was how to crochet around a wire hangar. Use that concept with a very large crochet hook and crochet around a rope light.

    1. No instructions needed. Just crochet around a light string just like we used to crochet around a wire hangar when we were kids.

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