Beer Battered Onion Rings

Reblogged from mogwaisoup: Cut up your onions to desired thickness, I like them about half an inch thick. Not to thin and definitely not too thick. Soak them in buttermilk for half an hour to an hour.
In the mean time, prepare two separate bowls. One will be for the flour that you will season with salt and pepper. The other one will be for the beer batter. I make it by mixing beer with flour, egg, salt pepper and little bit of Tabasco sauce,
Start with about a cup of flour and mix in a beer and your egg. You are looking for thickness similar to pancake batter. If needed add more flour. Add salt and pepper and some Tabasco, depending on how you like it, or if you don’t like that little kick it gives, skip it, it is delicious without it too!

Heat up canola oil in your frying pan or wok and you can start frying.
Drain your onion rings well and first dip them in flour and then into beer batter. Fry only a few at a time.

Click HERE for complete article and instructions


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