Repurposed Pack ‘n Play Tent


via pinterest: Cut the mesh from one side, cover the top with fitted sheet, throw in some pillows… reading tent!


12 thoughts on “Repurposed Pack ‘n Play Tent

    1. Ya know – I’m not sure what the original post-er used… Looks like it might be part of the original support structure… But I really cant tell and there were no instructions given. If anyone out there knows what was used or can come up with a legitimate idea -let us know!

  1. Yeah… I’m still not understanding how they got the point on top. My Pack ‘n Play is just the basic one; didn’t come with any “mobile”…

  2. The “mattress” is the pack and play mattress, they don’t have the bassinet in there… they just cut the mesh so the kid could get in on their own…

  3. Mine has a diaper changer and diaper supply container – could be used as shelf and cubby to hold books, crayons, toys inside the tent.

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