Stones and Wire Tree


Lovely! Collect a large stone, lots of small jewelry stones in your favorite colors and wire. Build as in photo. via

8 thoughts on “Stones and Wire Tree

    1. I always find strands of lovely beads at my local craft stores. These are natural cut glass beads, but you could really use whatever catches your eye. Also there are lots of online sites that sell beads. Good luck!

  1. Would have been nice to have the type of wire, and the gauge. Also size of beads! As you can see from the above questions this was not any sort of directions to complete the project. The making of it is obvious, but please don’t post things that are incomplete!

  2. It looks like it is 14 Guage cooper wire which is sold cheaply at the local hardware store, you will have to strip the installation away to get to the wire but it’s easily done with either wire strippers or a utility knife and worth it. The beads are various color glass chip beads can be found at Walmart or local craft stores or online. If you want you can use other kind of beads that catches your eyes. Hope this helps.

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