Flip Flop Wreath

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Nothing says Welcome Summer like flip-flops!


  • 7-8 Colorful pairs of Flip Flips – check the dollar store, use varied sizes too!
  • Silk flowers
  • Hot Glue
  • Plain Wreath
  • Decorative flat beads/stones

Practice with your layout before you glue anything on. Once you have everything where you want it THEN start gluing. Hang on your front door!

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92 thoughts on “Flip Flop Wreath

  1. I found this flip flop wreath to be very easy to make; however, the glue came detached because of the heat outside so my husband put an ice pick through each flip flop and then wired the flops onto the wreath. There is no way this wreath is going to become detached anymore.

      1. If you want to buy an ice pick – any kitchen store or even grocery store should have them. But you could use a small screwdriver – or a large sewing needle – I would definitely use wire – it would be mush more secure than glue in my opinion. Good luck!

      1. Thank you for the ice pick idea! I will do the same. I did try gorilla glue. However, gorilla glue takes too long to dry on the flip flops. Ok, off to craft!

    1. Where can you find the stones and flowers for the flip flops? I have looked at dollar tree , Wal-Mart and craft stores. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

      1. I purchased my jewels and flowers at Michaels. I brought my husband with me so we could use two coupons! Lol –

        1. Thanks Michelle I will check at Michaels for the items. My wreath is working out so what kind did you purchase? Thanks again.

        2. Smart gal! My husband and I do that with Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons all the time! Two shoppers, two checkouts, two savings!

      2. I find my stone in the craft department at Walmart. They were 97cents. And I buy a bunch of flowers in the flower department will cut them off and glue them on.

  2. What kind of wreath? Grape vine, straw, foam??? Please help. My little girl wants to make one for the fair in a couple weeks

  3. I started with my grape vine wreath and glued the flowers on and the flip flops together, but I don’t think I will be able to wire the flip flops to the wreath because they are positioned in such a way that you can’t wire the flip flops on the wreath. So I guess I will just have to glue my flip flops onto the wreath and call it good. Any suggestions for keeping the grape vine wreath from shedding pieces of vines. Any other suggestions for making sure the flip flops stay on the wreath besides using the glue gun. I will use the glue gun but thought there is something else I could use also with the glue for keeping the sandals on. Thank you ☺

    1. I had an issue with the glass stones popping off because it’s cold here so I re-attached them with clear silicone, like you use for caulking windows etc. If I had an issue with the flip flops falling off I’d hot glue them back on then use caulking on the backside of the wreath to secure. Let it dry for a few days and I think that would take care of it.

  4. I have a foam wreath and am trying to glue them on but they will not stick :/ what could I use??? Help please

  5. Hi, do you have another suggestion on a glue? I used hot glue and the flip flops fell off . I used lots if glue too.

    1. Try clear silicone like you’d use to caulk a window. I used that to keep the stones from popping off in the cold. Hot glue the flip flops then flip the wreath over and go to town with the silicone. Let it dry for a few days and you should be good to go.

  6. If you use a foam or straw wreath, get wreath pins in the floral section, poke thru the flops and then cover the heads with flowers or arrange jewels/stones over them and glue down with e6000

  7. I have not made mine yet but as a suggestion, use a wire wreath frame and run ribbon through it. Then run a wire up and around the small buttons on the sole side of the flip flop. If you push down on them they pop out of the soles, then wrap your wire around them and twist it closed, then attatch it to the wreath frame. This will secure the flip flops without worrying about them coming off or having the wire showing. You could use whatever wreath frame you choose.

  8. I am using a large needle and fishing line to attach the flip flops. Fishing line will not show or rust if it get wet and is also very strong. Just need a thimble to help push the needle through the rubber.

      1. Thanks Kathy I thought of fishing line also. I will post a picture when I get mine made. No luck in finding the flip flops yet. Thanks again.

  9. Used a wire wreath turned with flat side out. Position your flip flops and then glue to wreath. NO glue will withstand the direct southern heat. I then used fishing line and large needle to sew them on. Worth the extra time and effort. Flip flops will not come off.

  10. I have made a couple of these, and glue of any kind will not hold in the heat of summer. I wired mine to the wreaths and then covered the wire with the flowers and other decorations. So much fun to make and have hanging in your home for the summer. I also find that the small flip flops look nicer than the adult ones.

  11. You could cover the wreath with a layer of coordinating fabric so everything will stick. That’s what I’m gonna try.

    1. Hello, I did put fabric on the wreath. The problem is, if you put the wreath anywhere there is sun, the hot glue melts and the flip flops fall off. I have heard that there is a glue sold at Hobby Lobby that is made for flip flops. I will try this next.

  12. I would use a styrofoam wreath. I think the glue woud adhere to it better, especially if you get a flat one instead of a rounded one.

  13. Has anyone found a Dollar Store that have the flip flops in stock yet? In Tenn the manager said it was to early.

  14. I really love this idea. I notice that all of the flip flops have Old Navy printed on them, but am hoping I can find these same, cheerful colors at a dollar store. I do know from experience that hot glue does not work well on a foam wreath, much less in the summer heat, so I’m liking the ideas listed above about using wire/fishing line/etc. So, I’m excited to work on this and get it up on my door, right after Easter!

  15. we stapled the 1st layer of flip flops to a wire wreath; for the 2nd layer used nails and glue; used different children’s sizes; the nails have a pretty head on them so I am going to leave them in when the glue dries as decorations; next on to the decorating part when the glue dries; purchased glitter and silk flowers! can’t wait for it to be done! gorgeous!

  16. Dollar Tree just set their flip flops out. They are plain but Dollar tree also had some flowers, butterflies and other things to put on the wreath.

      1. You are welcome, I will make mine today and let you know how the wire works

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    1. Sandra,
      I made mine but not with 14 flip flops only 7. Send me the information on how you fixed yours and the type of wreath you used.

      1. I used a grapevine wreath, 9 pairs of var size flip flops ( 2 pairs of kids) and I hot glued them on. Once they were set I turned the wreath over and used about 6 long glue sticks reinforcing the bond. If I found they were coming off, I’d do the same thing I did when the glass stones started popping off in the cold here, I used clear silicone to put them back on. The kind you’d use to seal windows or the tub. It comes in a small tube so tou don,t have to try to use one of those metal things for the big construction size tubes.

  17. What is the best kind of wreath to use? I have a straw that doesn’t work very good. Would styfoam or grape vine do better? Thanks to all the replys.

  18. Other sites say to use cardboard cutout unless you plan on wiring your flip flops on the wreaths, since glue doesn’t keep them held to styrofoam or grapevine wreaths.

  19. I bought my flip flops today and was looking for children’s medium. Could not find yellow, so used women’s small for those. I went to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s looking for flowers but was thrilled to find children’s sizes at Michael’s. I also went to Dollar Tree for a pair with design on them. I got my flowers at Dollar Tree finally due to price and selection. Dollar Tree had the clear, blue, and green plastic stones/beads. After reading all the above comments, I’m concerned about getting the flip flops to stick. I did buy the flip flop glue at Hobby Lobby though. I will probably end up using the fishing line.

  20. My 11 yo grandson made one for his Mom, We used a wire form and pipe cleaners then hot glued the flip flop soles so they would stay in place. It is adorable!!!!

  21. I found an MDF wreath, I think I got it at Michaels. It is flat and the E6000 glue stuck the flip-flops to each other and to it perfectly. I used my husband’s clamps to hold them on until the glue was dry.

    1. I used wire wreath and attached flip flops to it with fishing line. I tied it tightly around the the bottom of them every other one around toe circle next one around the bottom two (the part that holds flip flop together). Then I hot glued the flip flops together you have to hold until hot glue dries. Mine turned out great!

  22. I tried to glue to styrofoam….didn’t work….used one inch long white framing nails pushed thru heels of flip-flops into ‘foam….then used heavy-duty clear vinyl tape running back and forth in the middle across heels. Covered the middle and heels of flip-flops with fake flowers…worked well!!

  23. I’m using the flat ring to glue my flip flops to. I’m hoping they stay-but after reading the statements I have my doubts. In Florida so don’t have to worry about the cold and the glue not sticking-just the wind during some time of the year. I purchased flops from Walmart and Michaels, along with my bling beads and flowers. I also have ribbon but not sure as to how I’m going to work that yet. I think I may try the fishing wire if the glue doesn’t hold. Will watch for more reviews. Cute wreath-but seems to be troublesome to keep together. Glad I didn’t spend and arm and leg getting this project together!

  24. I just made one three days ago, had no idea what to use but thought I needed a flat wreath ring so tbe only one I saw was styrofoam. Used hot glue gun to put flip flops on ring and also to put flowers the toe thong. A few flowers have fallen off, doesn’t seem like hot glue is good for attaching the flowersto the thong. Just glued them back on, so we’ll see.

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