Kitchen Cheat Sheet



15 thoughts on “Kitchen Cheat Sheet

  1. On Kitchen Cheat Sheet I can’t print it. Is there a way to get it printed? It’s a really good one. Thanks for all your blogs. I discovered them during a Pintrest Fest & of course I pinned & repinned a lot of your posts. Thanks so much from kitchen challenged freakshow.

    1. I was able to right click and print. If that doesn’t work, try to right click and save, then open the pic and print that way. Good luck!

      1. I did that, that’s not working either. I wish it was in page segments so I could laminate n& keep inside my cupboard for quick reference.I’ll keep playing w/it.Thanks fir response.

  2. Tried everything and could not print the whole thing, that is the problem I seem to be having with everything I try to print from pintrtest

  3. This is amazing!! I’ve been waiting for something like this! Might print a real nice version of it and frame it for my mother. Great design, someone knows a lil something about design! Ha! Looks awesome.


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