Crocheted Bunny

First crochet (or knit) a washrag using your favorite pattern. Then using a coordinating thread (the blue in photo is just for instructional purposes) to sew up as pictured; adding fluffs of poly-fill or cotton balls. Make sure to add a pompom of white for the tail and eyes and nose with colored embroidery floss or beads.


pic via pinterest

8 thoughts on “Crocheted Bunny

  1. So easy,great idea,love it. Making a brown bunny for my Grand daughter with double and single crochet. Looking good so far. Making a bigger version of this cute little bunny. Thank you for the idea!

  2. They really are the cutest things! It would be sweet to put in Easter baskets and they could be cuddled all day! I don’t have any little ones anymore but they could be dropped off at the hospital for pediatric patients. Just make sure everything is secured, babies put everything into their mouths.

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