Starting Yoga for Beginners


  • Be gentle with yourself. Like anything new, you’re not likely to be a master the first several times you attempt a posture or a class. Yoga is not a one-time experience; it’s a path, a journey. You’ll grow and improve as you keep going back for more.
  • Yoga is not a competition. Do not compare yourself to other people in the room. That girl who can put her foot behind her head while balancing her entire body on her forearms is not your competition. You have no idea if she was a gymnast back in the day or just blessed with insanely flexible hips. You only need focus on where you are on your mat in that moment.
  • Yoga is an individual experience. While a class might have 50 people in it all breathing in unison, it’s still just you and your mat and the thoughts you’re trying to subside. It’s probably the one hour where it’s not only accepted, but EXPECTED, that be completely focused on yourself. Indulge in th

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