Crochet Slippers Project

The genius of this project is to use shoe inserts as the soles of the slippers. Punch small holes around the edges to star your crocheting – Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!




Click HERE for the instructions (translate if needed)

4 thoughts on “Crochet Slippers Project

  1. We have waiting to long for this.Bless whoever dreamed this up.
    Can you guess what everyone from Granny will get this Christmas .
    Priceless …
    I was looking all over the net for soles and you let me found out insoles
    I had a brain block…
    Thank You

  2. To translate the website:
    1. Have website open
    2. Open New tab
    3. Where you usually put ( put in:
    4. Go back to original website and highlight text, right click on the highlighted text, select copy.
    5. Go back to the translation site and right click and select paste.
    You should then have a translation to whatever language you use to be able to understand a language you don’t.
    Have fun!!

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