Games to Play While Waiting

We found this great article – with lots of ideas like:

Fun-Games-to-Play-While-Waiting-with-Kids-Final-1Earn It

I came up with this idea as I was waiting with my kids in line to see Santa. The line happened to pass by some candy dispensers – thank you very much mall organizing committee.  Sorry all you organic mamas out there, but this is what I did. I bought some Mike n’ Ikes to give my kids, but they weren’t just handed out.  They needed to be earned.  “How?” You ask. Whisper the alphabet, get a Mike n’ Ike.  Count to 100, a candy is yours.  Jump up and down 50 times in one place – well earned. Say three things you like about their siblings – score.  This can pass quite a lot of time.

Guess What is Behind My Back

Simply grab something out of the cart or from your purse and hide it behind your back.  Have the kids guess what you have. They’ve seen you gather things from around the store. It is time to see if they were paying attention.

Time to Rhyme

This is simple enough. Just spot something around the space you are waiting and have your child try and see how many rhyming words they can think of.

Read more HERE


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