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Knot Tying Practice Sticks

Need some busy time activities? Try these easy to make knot tying sticks.

Click HERE for the instructions


Mini Birdhouse

Take a bottle cap and punch holes into it. Cut the vertical wires first and gather them at top as in photo. Form into birdhouse shape, then add more wires around horizontally. Spray black or another color to match your decor. Cute little decoration!


pic via flikr


Make an ecosystem in a column of recycled soda bottles – Love this project!

3 clear 2-liter (empty) soda bottles
clear packing tape
aquarium gravel
rubber band
4″ piece of netting (or stocking material)
fish, snails, or other aquatic life
elodea, duck weed, anachris, or other aquatic plants
crickets, pill bugs, earthworms
a few dead leaves and small sticks

Click HERE for instructions

(additional pics from pinterest)