Garage Ceiling Storage Solution


1.  A shop with exposed rafters
               I suppose you could rig up some sort of rail system on the ceiling, but that would be a lot of work.  I suppose you’ll also need to have a low ceiling, a step stool, or just be tall.

     2.  Some scrap wood
               Something flat and long that you can rip to the desired width

     3.  Nails

     4.  Plastic tubs
               I found mine at the dollar tree, but they’re sold just about everywhere.  You’ll need to do some measuring to figure out how many you need to fill your rafters.  Make sure to get the kind that are see through!

     5.  Handles
               You could buy these premade, but handles are shockingly expensive and I couldn’t find any in a size I liked, so I chose to build them from PVC and bolts.

more info here



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