Christmas Stocking Game

You take a new large Christmas stocking. Then you put objects, that you see or use around Christmas time, into the stocking. If you have more than one stocking make sure you put the same things in each Christmas stocking.

Consider things like holly, scotch tape, ornament, pine cone, etc. Make sure you put about 20 to 25 different objects in. Tie a ribbon or rope around the opening to make sure nobody peeks.

Give everyone a piece of paper and pass the Christmas stocking or stockings around at your party and tell them how many objects there are in the stocking and have them write down all they can feel. Two stockings just make the game go a little faster. The person that correctly guesses the most objects in the sock is the winner.

instead of one large stocking. Have 8 – 12 Christmas stockings (or large socks) with 1 item in each.
– Tie the end (or use double stick tape to close the stocking)
– Then number each Christmas stocking with a tag
– Give each guest a piece of paper with a corresponding list of numbers with a line after each number.
– Then give the kids a set amount of time with each stocking (15 seconds) to try and identify what the item the kids check each – Have the kids then write down their answer and move to nex t stocking or pass the stocking to the next player.
– Once everyone has taken a turn with each stocking, score the sheets and announce the winners.



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