Shamrock Pretzel Snacks

From OnceUponADream:

First we covered a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Then we covered the cookie sheet with a single layer of pretzels and put a Hershey’s kiss on each and every pretzel. Then we put them in the oven at 200 degrees until they were all warm and melty and oh so delish.

Then we took them out of the oven and put 3 green M&M’s on each kiss. We put them in the fridge until the chocolate set back up. Then we added a line of green frosting to make the stem. The frosting was greener in real life, it looks really light in the picture.
They turned out so cute and ended up being a quick and fun treat for family night.


7 thoughts on “Shamrock Pretzel Snacks

  1. Tried these today but couldn’t get the chocolate to melt. What did I do wrong? The kisses were from Christmas – could that be the problem?

    1. It might be – and they make the Christmas wrapped ones so early too – I’ve seen them in stores waaay before Christmas. So they are already getting old just being on the shelf. I hope you try it again though – these really are super yummy!

  2. Its a lovely and very tasty. Infect, I love its name which is shamrock Pretzel Snacks. That is very spicy and yummy. First time i have tasted when i went out of city where i ate it at a Cafee. Now i got that post which have everything about it and the methods of make it at home. Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe of it. formula one stickers

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