Geo Board

Here are some instructions from Mama Jenn:

– a wooden board (I got mine from Michaels & it is sanded with beveled edges for about $2)
– black spray paint
– hairbows (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
– lots of push pins (also from Dollar Store)
– graph paper
– pen/pencil
– hammer

First, I spray painted the wooden board. Then, I used a pencil and graph paper to mark off the grid template. I made mine about 1.5 inches apart. Next, I laid the grid onto the board.

I made two geoboards and things went much better the second time around. With the first one, I hammered down all the push pins leaving just a bit of room to tear the graph paper away before hammering the pins all the way down. I found this to be very tedious and time-consuming, because the paper kept ripping in very small pieces.

The second time around I took one push pin and pushed it in to mark all of the holes. I only pushed it in enough for me to see the little holes. Then, I took the graph paper off and found all the little holes and hammered push pins into them. It seemed to work much better this way.

All of the kids love playing with their new geoboards and they were so easy to make!


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