Chore Wheel

Here’s a great idea from howdoesshe:

This great chore chart was a product of the 70’s and still works great today.  We use a four tiered chart: 1-Name of kid, 2-kitchen chore, 3- bathroom chore, 4- room of responsibility or ROR.  Having four kids makes it easy, but I won’t bore you with the merits of having four kids.  If you have one to three kids you can add mom and/or dad to the wheel.   If you have five plus kids doing chores, good for you! More helpers means less work for you and dad.   You may actually have a hard time coming up with enough chores.  In this case, you can assign the job of Sheriff.  This was a coveted job in my home, growing up with five siblings.  The Sheriff inspects the other jobs and makes sure the quality is up to snuff.

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