Stack of Flower Pots

Idea via pinterest: But you can make your own!

Use a strong garden stake, or a piece of rebar from your home and garden store.

Get several clay pots, the kind with the hole in the center of the bottom.

Start at ground level with the biggest pot. Tilt it until the side touches the stake. Repeat tilting opposite way every other pot.

Fill pots with soil and your favorite plants!

Cute – would be a great surprise for Mom on Mother’s Day!

*Update: Best to use rebar – (for strength) and hammer it into the ground- you don’t want your pots leaning or falling over.*


14 thoughts on “Stack of Flower Pots

    1. the plat pots have holes in the bottom for draining the water…put the pot hole over the rebar and tilt each pot..and set them on top of eachother

  1. You slide the pots down the stake, through the hole in the bottom of each pot. They’re held in place by gravity.

  2. I saw this done at a flower garden in Houston, Texas recently and it was beautiful. It did not have as many pots. I can’t wait to try it in my backyard.

  3. Love it. I have seen this same time several times! I can’t wait for my husband to make it! I was going to have it made with a stand at the bottom, but seeing that you don’t have one, I guess I don’t need that!

  4. My attempt was an epic FAIL! Make sure you use a very strong pole (rebar) and hammer it far into the ground. I used an 8ft stake from the hardware store. The stake said metal pole and it was dipped in vinyl. I hammered the pole into the ground at least 2 feet. Put several flower pots, soil and plants. When hubby started to water – OOOPS – the pole bent and over it went. DRAG!!

    If I try again, it will be rebar for sure and won’t go nearly as high. Maybe 4ft or 5ft tops.

  5. I have this in my garden already. I purchased the stand at a craft show. But your correct, you can easily make your own. That’s all that it is is a piece of rebar stuck in the ground. It holds it all in place once you put a large pot first as the base and fill it with dirt. I’ve had flowers in mine and lately I have it filled with different types of cactus, with a burros tail hanging down from the top pot. Just tilt the pots in the opposite direction as you go. I’ve used anywhere from 10″ pots to 14″ pots. The weight of the pot doesn’t matter, like they say, it’s the gravity that holds them in place. I always get compliments on them. I’m planning on getting about five more rebar and making a divider in my garden and filling them with seasonal flowers – I already know it will look awesome!

  6. Switched up to this method for my deck herb garden … works GREAT … less space and much more attractive than my old method … the bigger the base the better and I used graduated sizes for more stability as I worked upward …

  7. I have one in my garden and love it! Mine has a base. Can anyone tell me where I can buy one with a base? My garden store has none left. Thanks. Michele

    1. I am using an old broken floor lamp to make an onion garden on my front deck- away from the dogs- as they r toxic to them- it is working fine. just unscrew any extra length on the lamp that you do not want- plus u get a top planter.

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