Traveler’s Map

Place a world map (or a region if your a limited traveler) over 3 canvas, cut into 3 pieces. Coat each canvas with Mod Podge and wrap the maps around them like presents. Let dry and hang on the wall about 2″ away from each other. Then add pins to all the places you’ve been. via


9 thoughts on “Traveler’s Map

    1. In the Google shopping bar, search for colorful world maps, or colorful country or state maps. The larger they get the more pricier they are.
      Some of the watercolor ones are just gorgeous – but they don’t have the borders and wording. Good luck in finding something you’ll love!

  1. I googled colorful world maps and I cannot find this exact map. I really want this one. Where exactly did you get it?

    1. It’s not my original project…. I’ve tried to find it as well – with no luck.. Anyone out there in internet land have any luck?? let us know!

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