Rotating Storage Shelf Can Dispenser


This thing holds hundreds of cans.

Great idea if you have the room.

Find the PLANS HERE.


2 thoughts on “Rotating Storage Shelf Can Dispenser

  1. A really simple yet super functional storage solution. Now all the cans we have at home can be neatly arranged and retrieved easily with the can dispenser feature. I think a similar system can also be used for other things that are often dumped inside our cabinets and ignored until they go way beyond their shelf life which produce a lot of wastage. If we do have the room for this system, we should try it.

  2. “I showed this to my wife and she said what do we need hundreds of cans for! Haha! I gave her a good chuckle and I can actually (believe it or not) think of a few people who might be interested in these for storage, besides grocery stores of course! At our Self Storage unit down in Sydney, we get a number of people who are keeping coke can collectibles and this would be perfect! Cheers mate!

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