Hand Washing Station


You’ll need:

  • Big Water Jug – dedicated for hand washing only
  • Paper Towels and a Plastic holder
  • 2 Bungee Cords that will wrap around jug and holder (as in pic)
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Bucket for catching water, optional but recommended

Assemble as in photo – perfect for outdoor functions and essential for scout events!!



61 thoughts on “Hand Washing Station

  1. Absolutely essential for scouting events! Had never thought to attach paper towel holder to top with bungee cords. Very clever. We use a rinsed out gallon milk jug with a single golf tee poked in side–remove tee to “turn on faucet” and slightly unscrew lid (letting in a little air) to control amount of flow. To “turn off the water” screw lid back and replace golf tee. So we don’t lose the soap, we put a bar of soap in a cut-off leg from pair of nylons, then tie onto jug. Can’t get lost and allows to dry out. Anyways thanks for posting. I learned something new to add to my Girl Scout Camping box of essentials. :o)

  2. It is a winner! The only thing I did different was to add a top to the waste bucket with a seal-able pouring spout (like a 5 gallon floor wax or paint bucket) and a funnel to facilitate sealing up for the trip to your dump station or drain of choice.

  3. It would have been pretty easy to name the “big water container” manufacturer. So, great idea, but pretty much a lot of work trying to find the container.

  4. Even though we have a nice trailer, we loved having the wash station outside and everyone thought it was a great idea. No trudging in and out of the trailer every time we needed to wash our hands. Great idea!

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