Behind Door Storage Ideas

One of the best ideas to store items is behind your doors. Any door… what do you have behind there? nothing? Use it! Here are some ideas:


Behind Laundry or Linen Closet Door: Cleaning Supplies in a shoe holder


Behind Pantry Door: Spices!


Behind Cabinet Door: Measurement Tools! via


Behind Bathroom Cabinet: Hair Styling Tools


Behind Bedroom or Bathroom Door: Jewelry


Behind Closet, Craft Room, Office, or any door: Wrapping Paper instructions HERE

What do you store behind your doors??

If not otherwise noted, pics via pinterest or google


3 thoughts on “Behind Door Storage Ideas

  1. I thought I knew all about storage and the best methods of storing things, but you have impressed me greatly with your behind the door storage ideas! I really like the jewellery rack and the measurement cups too as I do a lot of baking and cooking and currently keep my baking stuff in a plastic box which isn’t very practical.

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