From rain cloud and laval lamps to  bottle rockets and jar tornados… check them all out HERE

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    I JUST LOVE SEEING PEOPLE SPREADING SCIENCE, VISUAL, AND FUN INTO LEARNING. What childhood memory do you have of doing something fun that was also and important learning skill? Mine was learning was chemical reactions I could come up with … I had a small children’s lab. Still wish I had it. Still good at chemistry and never took in in high school Received a 4.0 in college so I know it works! I love science and I encourage teachers to drop some of the books and cook or do some craft to give hands-on experience. It is so funny today how we wonder why our children are not up to par in their schooled careers….has anyone figured out that the majority of people learn by visual? So I hope to see more science and other projects in education at a young age. They will be more alert and energetic otherwise it can feel like having to read a boring book on a daily basis. Let me know about what sticks in your memory banks that you used later on in life! Thanks!

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