Clay Pot People

Perfect for Mother’s Day – Get your paints ready!


This craft didn’t come with instructions, so we are just going to have to figure it out! Here’s what we think you’d do to make these:

You’ll need:

  • 2 medium pots, head and body (same size)
  • 4 tiny pots (arms and legs)
  • twine
  • paints & brushes
  • plant or flowers

Paint your pots using the pic as a guide. Let dry. Attach the arm pots thru the bottom hole of the body pot onto the leg pots with twine, knotting in place. Then attach the head pot to the body with twine thru the holes, knotting in place. Add a plant or flowers as desired.

pic via pinterest

If anyone has the original instructions, let us know in the comments – Thanks!

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