Garbage Bag Snack Mix

This recipe makes 80+ servings – check it out!


1 box (12.8 oz) Rice Chex
1 box (14 oz) Corn Chex
2 bags (8.1 oz each) Sour Cream & Onion Ritz Aircrisps (broken into thirds)
1 bag (6.6 oz) Cheddar Goldfish crackers
1 bag (15-16oz) twist pretzels
1 jar (16 oz) dry-roasted peanuts
1 bag (7.5 oz) plain Bugles
1 bag (7.5 oz) Nacho Cheese Bugles
3 jars (8.75 oz each) mixed nuts or deluxe mixed nuts
1 bottle (16 oz) butter-flavored popcorn oil

Click HERE for the instructions


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